Head COP: Russia is not a “burst” relationship with international law

Глава КС: Россия не "разрывала" отношения с международным правопорядком

Russia did not break off relations with the international rule of law and no plans to do that, said the all-Russian Congress of judges the Chairman of the constitutional court of the Russian Federation Valery Zorkin.

He explained that in the international community there were fears that Russia refuses to fulfill international standards because of the decision that the Constitution of the Russian Federation for the country is more important than the rulings of the international courts.

“Judging by the opinion of the Venice Commission on the amendments on the constitutional court of the Russian Federation and the international structures with which we are cooperating and intend to continue the interaction and further concerns over the alleged incident of rupture of Russia with international law and order vanished,” said Zorkin.

He stressed that the decisions of the European court of human rights will not be fulfilled by Russia only in exceptional cases, if the constitutional court comes to the conclusion about the impossibility of their execution.

“And this must be done in the spirit of mutually respectful dialogue with the European court”, — said the head of the COP.