NATO and the EU have agreed on a plan to strengthen cooperation

НАТО и ЕС согласовали план по укреплению сотрудничества

NATO and the European Union on Tuesday agreed on a plan to strengthen cooperation between the two organizations, which listed 40 points, said in a joint statement of the European Union and the North Atlantic Alliance.

The proposals are divided into seven sections: countering hybrid threats, operational cooperation, including the sea, cybersecurity, defense capabilities, defense industry and research, teaching and capacity building in the field of defense and security.

“The implementation of the attached proposals will be undertaken by NATO in accordance with its decisions and procedures, and in the spirit of mutual openness, transparency, complementarity, while respecting the different mandates of the organizations, autonomy in decision-making and institutional integrity,” the document says.

Agreements involve, in particular, the participation of the Alliance in the work of the European centre to counter hybrid threats, which are scheduled to open in 2017, the cooperation in the field of strategic communication and countering the misinformation and the meeting of experts of the two organizations to respond to crises. The document notes that in the first half of 2017, NATO and the EU will organize a seminar to discuss the experience of cooperation in the fight against piracy in the Indian ocean and with the migration crisis in the Mediterranean. It is also planned to consider further opportunities for cooperation at sea.

The EU and NATO will also exchange experience in the integration of cyber defence into the planning of missions and operations will work together to promote research in this field. In addition, the EU and NATO intend to “ensure the availability of NATO and the EU (defense) potential, created by the allies (NATO) and member countries (EU) on a multilateral basis”.