Nikiforov: the Doctrine of information security will require amendments to the laws

Никифоров: Доктрина информбезопасности потребует внести поправки в законы

New information security doctrine of the Russian Federation signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, will require updating of the legislation, told reporters the head of the Ministry Nikolai Nikiforov.

Putin approved the new doctrine of information security of the Russian Federation, the document was signed on 5 December and entered into force. “Of course, Yes,” said the Minister, answering the question whether the doctrine of the development of new laws or amendments to existing ones.

“It will be necessary to look specific implementation plan. When the document opens, there is always the instruction of the government. The government, on the profile of the ministries now distribute the tasks, and we in a short time but we’ll see what and how to update. Where the laws rule, where a new decision to publish,” said the Minister.

Upon receipt of the final version of the document and instructions of the government will become clear what regulations or laws will require amendments or do you need to design new instruments, he said. “This usually happens within six months, such mainstreaming,” he added.

According to him, if necessary, amendments of laws, most likely they will be introduced in the spring session of the state Duma. “Maybe, we additionally take into account the law on critical infrastructure”, — said Nikiforov.

According to the Minister, the doctrine is still updating the same document. “This is actually updating, not the first time such a document was adopted. I think that the document reflects the main strategic directions related to information security,” — said Nikiforov.