Patriarch Kirill explained France’s position on same-sex marriage

Патриарх Кирилл разъяснил во Франции позицию по однополым бракам

Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Cyril, summing up his first visit to France, explained why the Russian Orthodox and the Roman Catholic Church oppose the legalization of gay marriage.

“We do not condemn — neither Catholics nor Orthodox — we do not require any tightening in relation to those people who have some feature in sexual orientation. But we categorically against equalizing that relationship with God defined marriage, in which children are born and continues for the life of the human race, what is part of God’s plan may not be amended by any political doctrines, and no political practice. This is based on the position of the Church”, — the Patriarch has told, answering questions of journalists in Epinay-sous-SENART, near Paris, where is located Russian Seminary.

The Patriarch touched on the subject of same-sex marriage during a conversation on Monday with the Archbishop of Paris, cardinal Vingt-Trois. “It is well known the role of the Catholic Church, which strongly opposed the legalization of gay marriage. And a demonstration of a million Frenchmen, mostly of Catholics, was a clear indication of disagreement of a significant part of the population what happened,” — said the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church.

In his words, “nothing changes in the position of the Church and can’t change because it’s against doctrine, against Christian morality”.