Sled dog race will be held in Totma

Гонки на собачьих упряжках пройдут в Тотьме

More than 200 Alaskan Malamutes and huskies will become participants of a unique remote racing “Russian North”, which was first held in tot’ma of the Vologda region on January 14-15 2017, said Tuesday RIA Novosti the head of the Department of culture and tourism of the region Vladimir Osipovsky.

“Four-legged participants racing and their owners will be placed in the camp on the basis of the “school of traveler Fyodor Konyukhova”. The competition will take place not far from her Grandparents on an island in the middle of the Sukhona river in the formats of “Light” for 17 miles on a day and night stages and “Hard” — at 30 kilometers respectively,” He said.

He added that each participant will need to pass the quest “Isle of the tale, or a journey from past to present”. At the start of the first day riders will be awarded by a convolution, which is necessary to safely deliver at the receipt point on Grandfather’s island and exchanged for a bag of burlap. The rider will be considered finished at the time of transfer of the bag to the volunteer at the finish line on the last day. The contents of the packages and bags is not disclosed until the finish of the last race.

The project “School of traveler Fyodor Konyukhova” is being implemented in the region since 2009, with the support of the regional government. At the same time in tot’ma opened a children’s recreational and educational camp, which hosts profile shifts and tourist meetings.

“The main goal of the school – the experiences of famous travelers to transfer their newfound knowledge and skills to a wide range of people, to improve children’s health through active recreation and tourism, attracting young people to a healthy lifestyle”, — stressed He.