Steinmeier said that NATO is ready to work with Russia

Штайнмайер заявил о готовности НАТО работать вместе с Россией

Despite the difficulties, Russia and NATO hope to work together, told journalists the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

“Relations are burdened by the Ukrainian conflict, but also because of the circumstances of Russian involvement in Syria. It will not make the conversation easier today,” said Steinmeier before the meeting of foreign Ministers of NATO countries in Brussels, noting that “there is a hope and willingness to work together.”

According to him, this situation shows “how fragile, complex and difficult relations between the West and Russia and NATO and Russia.”

“Tonight we will perform in support in order to continue to use the Council Russia-NATO as a tool, as a forum for the exchange, including the exchange of conflict between NATO and Russia”, — said the head of the German foreign Ministry.

Earlier the NATO’s desire to build a more constructive relationship with Russia, said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. According to him, NATO and Russia remain divided, but “it is very important to sit down and openly discuss complex questions.”

He explained that the organization intends to continue to discuss with Russia the issues of reducing mutual war risks and “comprehensive implementation of the documents, for example, in the framework of the OSCE, the so-called Treaty of Vienna and the Treaty on open skies”.

The foreign Ministers of member countries of the Alliance on 6 and 7 December will agree on more than 40 specific steps to strengthen cooperation with the European Union, will discuss relations with Russia 2.5 years after the freeze of cooperation, and will hold a meeting of the Commission Ukraine – NATO and meeting with partners for operations in Afghanistan.

The Kremlin has repeatedly said that Russia for anybody not a threat, but will not leave without attention, potentially dangerous to its interests. According to foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, Moscow will not be involved in it imposed confrontation with USA, NATO and the EU and will be able in all conditions to ensure their safety.