The creators of “Masha and Bear” told how to feel about the criticism of psychologists

Создатели "Маши и Медведя" рассказали, как относятся к критике психологов

Articles about the harmful effects on children’s animated film “Masha and the Bear” appear in the media regularly, it does not contain specific claims and do not refer to authoritative studies, so the creators of the animated series has ceased to react to them, told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Studio “Animakkord”.

Earlier, the Israeli Agency Haaretz has published a study by psychologists from Israel, the Russian animated series “Masha and the Bear” threat for immature child’s mind, and the main cartoon character suffering from a mental disorder.

“These articles with reference to some specialists without specifics there is not the first time, we have ceased to react to them”, — told RIA Novosti in the press service of the Studio “Animakkord”.

In November, the media publicized the message that the cartoon “Masha and the Bear” topped the ranking of the most harmful of animated films made by Russian psychologists, the source of the rating was not submitted. The press service said that after the publication of this news the President of the Association of children’s psychiatrists and psychologists Anatoly Northern gave an independent opinion. According to him, the Russian psychologists did not give such a rating, and the rating is publicity.

Russian animated series “Masha and Medved” Studio “Animaccord” were launched in 2009 and is now a global phenomenon, it is sold on all continents and everywhere is a huge success. The rights to show the film bought such well-known companies like Netflix, Turner (UK and Latin America), KIKA (Germany), France TV, Sony Music, NBC Universal, Televisa and others. On YouTube cartoon looked around 1.7 billion users.