The Ministry of emergency situations of the Republic of Khakassia inspects the facilities of the economy after a possible flight of the meteorite

МЧС Хакасии проверяет объекты экономики после возможного пролета метеорита

The Khakassky MOE test objects of economy in the region after the data on the burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere the meteorite, according to the Republican Central Board MOE.

“At 18.50 in the southern regions of the Republic of Khakassia was observed flying glowing object in the sky. Glowing object (presumably a meteorite) was burned in the dense layers of the atmosphere, accompanied by a bright flash and a distinctive sound”, — stated in the message.

According to rescuers, already organized inspection of economic entities on the territory of Khakassia.

“All objects are functioning normally. Organized interaction with the duty centre, information office of the state Corporation “Roscosmos”. The launch of the space ships was not carried out, the fall of the space ships is not”, — stated in the message.