The state Duma on 8 December, will consider tightening the responsibility for “shaping”

Госдума 8 декабря рассмотрит ужесточение ответственности за "зацепинг"

The state Duma on Thursday, December 8, will consider tightening responsibility for “shaping”, said the transport Minister Maxim Sokolov during a conference call with representatives of administrations of subjects of Russia.

The participants discussed the issue of non-production traumatism on the railway transport, according to the website of the Ministry of transport of the Russian Federation.

Sokolov said the reduction in injuries towards 2015, adding, however, that the situation remains tense. According to him, the main cause of injury is failure to follow safety rules on the railroad tracks and adjacent infrastructure. First of all, walking in the ways at an undisclosed location in front of a moving train, trying to jump or climb on the platform, falling between train and platform. The largest increase of accidents recorded in the Sverdlovsk region and Perm region.

“Of particular concern is the injury to children and adolescents. Here is needed proper control on the part of subjects, including the organization of preventive work in school and preschool educational institutions”, – said the Minister.

According to him, the problem is also “shaping” and the attempts of photographing in extreme conditions. “December 8 questions of toughening of responsibility for “shaping” will be considered by the State Duma”, – said Sokolov

As the proposed measures to reduce child injuries transport Minister called the conduct open lessons in schools on the topic of safe behavior on objects of railway transport, as well as consideration of the use of the school Internet sites for the promotion of safe behavior.