Cassini gave the first pictures after the “dive” in the rings of Saturn

"Кассини" передал первые снимки после "нырка" в кольца Сатурна

The probe “Cassini” conveyed to Earth the first pictures of Saturn and its rings obtained after passage through the atmosphere of Titan and the transition to a new orbit, just before the first “dive” through the rings of a giant planet, according to the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

“These data and images represent the beginning of the end of the last phase of our historic mission to study Saturn. These images and the subsequent images that will get the “Cassini” will be a reminder that our probe survived is very courageous and interesting life, spinning and learning about the amazing planet of the Solar system,” said Carolyn Porco (Carolyn Porco), one of the participants of the mission “Cassini” from the Institute of space research in boulder (USA).

Interplanetary station “Cassini”, who worked in space for almost 20 years, at the end of November and the beginning of the last stage of his life, enlisting in the stage, which with the filing of the public and journalists was officially called the “Finale of the Opera”.

The probe made a series of orbital maneuvers by which he flew unusually close to the surface of Titan, changed trajectory and flew in early December through the rings of the giant planet.

Thanks to this change of course “Cassini” flew over the North pole of Saturn, photographing the famous “hexagon” in the upper layers of its atmosphere a few days before he flew through the rings. These images probe already transmitted to Earth and the photos received during the “dive” in the rings of Saturn, will be received in the coming days and weeks.

Following passage through the rings of Saturn will happen this weekend – Sunday “Cassini” second time “dive” in the most distant and sparse rings of the giant planet. In total, Cassini will fly 20 times through the rings of Saturn, after which it will converge with the Titan once again changed the flight path and come to the “finish line” that ended in a clash with Saturn.

Mission “Cassini-Huygens” — a joint project of space agencies in the US, Europe and Italy to study Saturn. He refers to the so-called flagship missions, the most ambitious and expensive project of the American space program. Space probe “Cassini” the descent apparatus “Huygens” was launched in 1997 and reached the planet’s orbit July 1, 2004. “Huygens” has studied the atmosphere and surface of Titan, moon of Saturn, “Cassini” after the separation of the unit continued to study the planet and its satellites.