Do not press on the Carrera: the Board of Directors of FC “Spartak” has summed up year

Не давите на Карреру: совет директоров ФК "Спартак" подвел итоги года

. The Board of Directors of the Moscow “Spartak” on Tuesday in Moscow summed up the first part of the season for the entire vertical of the club, approved the transfer budget for the winter campaign and decided on the short-list of players, which the club will try to buy.

Give Carrere to work

Office on Krasnopresnenskaya embankment, the leadership of “Spartacus” has arrived on Tuesday afternoon. The Board of Directors of the club, summed up the first part of the season was given by very successful for the first team “red and white”. However, in addition to the main coach of “Spartacus” Massimo Carrera, who arrived accompanied by the famous agent Marco Trabucchi, who performed the role of interpreter, and reported to the senior coach of “Spartak-2” Eugene Bushmanov, and coach of the youth team Dmitry Gunko, the head coach of the Academy named after Fyodor Cherenkov Vladimir Bodrov.

Massimo Carrera journalists and have not waited, but the club CEO member of the Board of Directors Alexander Zhirkov thoroughly answered all the questions. First and most importantly, said Zhirkov — the club did not change the goals for the season. These goals are to be in the top three, and despite the interim leadership of “Spartacus”, the bar, the Board of Directors is not raised. That is, even conditional target of getting into the Champions League, if not to speak about the title, before the Carrera is not worth it. According to Zhirkov, too much pressure the team is now useless.

“The results of the main composition (in the Premier League) Board of Directors (club) doesn’t change standing on the season the plans are to be in the medals. Third place — plus, so to speak. The results of the first part of the season, there is cautious optimism. To create excessive pressure on the head coach unwisely,” said Zhirkov reporters.

According to Rodionova, is close to completing negotiations on prolongation of the contract with Salvatore bocchetti — parties have a mutual desire to conclude a new agreement. Thus, an open question on the future of Lorenzo Melgarejo, who has not yet manifested itself in the “red-whites”. Zhirkov and Rodionov said that the staffing of “Spartacus” there is one vacant position assistant Carrera, but the Italian has not yet raised the issue of strengthening his staff. The solution, according to Zhirkov, here’s head coach.

Zhirkov also noticed that despite the difficult financial situation in the country and the world, “Spartak” is going to grow and move forward. “We live and work in Russia, “Spartak” is part of this country. The situation is dire. Payrolls are mainly related to currency. The rate rose. However, the results of the Board of Directors we’re talking about strengthening in the winter transfer window, which means additional costs that characterizes our attitude and desire to move forward towards a common goal. No delays, for example related to payment of salaries, bonuses, club “Spartak” no,” said Zhirkov.

In “Spartacus” fewer injuries

First, who gave reporters a detailed review, was Director of the medical Department Mikhail Vartapetov. He reported that the Board of Directors was pleased with his progress report, adding that despite the high intensity workouts Carrera, the number of muscle injuries at Spartak has not increased, but decreased.

Не давите на Карреру: совет директоров ФК "Спартак" подвел итоги года
The player of FC “Spartacus” Quincy promes

“With the change of coach is always changing the nature of training that occurs. But that’s okay. This is discussed with the head coach. All the statistical data that I presented today at the Board of Directors, the number of muscle injuries we do not exceed, and even decreased in comparison with previous periods. Despite the increased intensity of the workouts (Carrera)”, — said the expert.

Vartapetov also added that injuries received earlier, Dmitry Kombarov, Salvatore bocchetti and ze Luis will be back to the first winter training session, which will be held in the UAE. The situation with Serdar Taski, injured in the match with “ruby” on Monday, is still unclear — the player has not yet left for vacation and is in Moscow for examination.