In Moscow starts festival, which will present “Great North road”

В Москве стартует фестиваль, на котором представят "Великий северный путь"

Festival “Journey to Russia”, in which travelers Fyodor Konyukhov and Victor Simonov will present the film “Great North road” on the reconstruction of the route of semen Dezhnev from the Arkhangelsk region to Chukotka, kicks off in Moscow on Wednesday, reports a press-service of a network of cinemas “Moscow cinema”.

The festival will be held in the cinema “Space”, “Saturn”, “Torch” and “Youth”. It will last until December 14.

“The Central event of the festival is the presentation of a large-scale film project by Leonid Kruglov “Great North Road”, will be held at the closing ceremony of the festival “Journey to Russia” in the cinema “Space”. This work is the reconstruction of the legendary route Semyon Dezhnev, have made the transition from the Arkhangelsk region to Chukotka and opened in the XVII century, the Strait between Asia and America. Will present the draft crew: directed by Leonid Kruglov and members of the film expeditions — Russian travelers Fyodor Konyukhov and Victor Simonov”, — stated in the message.

On the same evening in the “Space” will show another picture Kruglov — “Around the world in 3D”. The film was shot during a trip around the world the largest yacht on the planet – four-masted barque “Sedov”. In 13 months “Sedov” crossed three oceans and visited 32 ports in the world and has repeated the legendary route of the expedition of Ivan Krusenstern and Yury Lisyansky years 1803-1806, the first Russian voyage around the world.

Also at the festival will be presented the program “the Modern feature film of Yakutia”, which will open the premiere showing of the Comedy Igor Govorov “Hectare”. Moreover, Director Michael barynin will talk about his documentary film “snow 24” about the difficult life in the harsh Northern region. And finally, another picture of the Yakut the “White day” Michael Lukashevskogo will be shown at the cinema “Torch”, to be confirmed in the material.

The program “Documentary of the Krasnoyarsk region” will open on December 7 with the painting “Frozen in time” directed by Alexander Kalashnikov and Vladimir Vasiliev about Siberian writer Michael Tarkovsky. In the days of the festival at the cinema “Torch”, you can watch the film “Life in peace” (Russia, 1989) of the writer Victor Astafyev and tape “land of freedom” (directed by Alexander Kuznetsov).