Premiere week: Thriller from Tom Ford and a documentary about Nureyev

Премьеры недели: триллер от Тома Форда и документалка про Нуреева

The second film of designer Tom Ford’s “Under cover of night” with Amy Adams and Jake Gyllenhaal, Hollywood Comedy with Jennifer aniston “new year party”, a documentary about the outstanding dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev and Thriller with Anthony Hopkins and al Pacino will be able to watch Russian audiences, starting this week.

Role in the film played by Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal, armie hammer, Michael Shannon and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, which Russian viewers remember Vronsky in the Hollywood film adaptation of “Anna Karenina”.

“Under cover of night” – a cautionary tale about the choices we make in life and the consequences of our decisions,” notes Ford.

The film has already received international recognition at the Venice film festival it received the Grand jury prize. Thus, according to critics, the film a pleasure to watch, and it underlines once again the talent of Ford’s beautiful and interesting to tell a story. On the website Rotten tomatoes the film received 7 points out of 10.

Documentary Eugene Tirdatova joint production of Russia and Turkey to focus on a little-known period in the life of one of the greatest dancers and choreographers of the 20th century Rudolf Nureyev. In the ten years from 1980 years, he several times a year, came to Turkey where they wanted to buy the island, which was once seen. In the end, he found it to buy but couldn’t because the island was a historical landmark. The narrative of the film is on behalf of a close friend of Rudolf Yasemin Peperoncino, which was and producer his productions of the ballet “Sleeping beauty” at the theater of Opera and ballet of Turkey. In the film uses archival material, Amateur footage of the travels and recordings of rehearsals of the choreographer in the Turkish theatre made by his loved ones.

Worse than a lie

The Director-the debutant Shintaro Shimosawa, before writing scripts for TV shows, miraculously managed to get your Thriller Anthony Hopkins and al Pacino, who first meet on the screen. The film tells the classic story of the struggle a young and ambitious lawyer who decides to expose the head of a large company. Burnout corrupt played Hopkins and al Pacino — an experienced attorney, who helps the young to get involved in the fight. Despite the presence in the cast of two titans of American cinema, the film was defeated by the Western critics. On its Rotten tomatoes score so far is only 2.4 points out of 10. “The film is so ridiculously absurd that it’s even worth it to watch,” said critic Wendy ID.