Rogozin told about the meeting with President of Venezuela

Рогозин рассказал об итогах встречи с президентом Венесуэлы

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin told journalists about the meeting with President of Venezuela Nicolas Maduro, which was held in Caracas.

“Venezuela has traditionally supported the Russian position on Syria, in Ukraine, of course, in the Crimea. Accordingly, we support the position of Venezuela, which advocates for independence and will continue its course. Therefore, these points were fully reflected. Also, President Maduro made a decision about personal control over all the agreements reached in this meeting”, — said Rogozin.

According to him, Maduro has demanded to provide him with weekly reports of all Ministers on the execution of what was agreed in Caracas.

Rogozin said that the next meeting of the intergovernmental Commission will be held early next fall in Russia, in Sevastopol.

Also according to Rogozin, Venezuela turned to Russian Federation on issues of healthcare, vaccines, medical equipment. The Russian side has invited the Venezuelan delegation to Russia to exchange experiences through the Ministry of health and the Federal medical-biological Agency.