Russia proposed to the UN to discuss the activities of the anti-doping bodies

РФ предложила в ООН обсудить вопрос о деятельности антидопинговых органов

Russia suggests UN to discuss the activities of the anti-doping bodies, permitting some athletes to use illegal drugs, said permanent representative of Russia to the UN Vitaly Churkin at the meeting of the UN General Assembly.

“It is unacceptable to ignore who became known to sports information to the public that anti-doping authorities tacitly gave “good” to use the strongest drugs to athletes, who for many years have won major competitions, earning tens of millions of dollars”, — said Churkin, speaking at the meeting “Sport for development”. The claim that athletes have suffered severe illnesses, according to Churkin, contrary to common sense and look particularly hypocritical on the background of the suspension of the Paralympic national team of Russia only for “suspicion”.

“It is unlikely that this situation can be seen as a fit into the concept of justice, equal treatment and fair play. Offer to discuss it on the floor of the United Nations”, — said Churkin.

Previously hacker group Fancy Bears published the results of hacking into databases WADA, from which it follows that the Agency allowed a number of famous athletes, including tennis players Rafael Nadal, Serena and Venus Williams gymnast Simone Bilz, cyclists Chris froome and Bradley Wiggins, basketball players Milos Teodosic and Elena Delle Donne, to use illegal drugs on therapeutic exemptions (TUE).

The independent Commission of WADA in November 2015 has accused Russia of violating the anti-doping rules, after which he was suspended the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, and also made a decision on the compliance of RUSADA of the WADA code.

Exclusion from participation in the Paralympic games 2016 in Rio de Janeiro the entire Paralympic team of Russia Churkin called the “highly politicized, cynical and unprecedented.” “Against our athletes and was not put forward specific evidence of the allegations they were barred from competing only on the basis of the Russian national team. As a result, suffered not only they. Actually had suffered a blow to the prestige of the world of sports, the Olympic and Paralympic movement,” — said Churkin from the rostrum of the UN.

Overall, according to Churkin, Russia is open for cooperation in the fight against doping. “We are conducting a proper investigation of allegations, intend to ensure an effective functioning system for the prevention of doping in sport,” he said, noting the implementation of the National plan for the fight against doping and strengthening of the responsibility for the use, dissemination and encouragement of doping.

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