Spektr-RG wants to run for the Russian “Proton”, not the Ukrainian “Zenit”

Спектр-РГ хотят запустить на российском "Протоне", а не украинском "Зените"

The launch of a space laboratory “Spektr-RG” is likely to be made not on the Ukrainian carrier rocket “Zenit” and the Russian “Proton-M”, which would entail the conversion of the spacecraft under the media and the postponement of the launch, told RIA Novosti source in the space industry.

“In accordance with the adjusted plans to launch a space laboratory “Spektr-RG” is planned for the “Zenith”, which is based on Ukrainian components, and for the Russian “Proton-M” with upper stage block DM-3. A fundamental decision was made, but the discussions with German partners, who supply for the project telescope eROSITA, while continuing. The transition to another type of missile and adaptation of the spacecraft, will likely entail a shift in the timing of the launch right, but however, supply of the telescope also repeatedly postponed for objective reasons. Start, therefore, will not take place before 2018,” — said the Agency interlocutor.

Orbital astrophysical Observatory “Spektr-RG” is designed to study the Universe in gamma – and x-ray spectral range. It is expected to be launched in 2017 at the Lagrange point L2, where it is balanced by the attraction of the moon and the Earth, and will be the first Russian machine at this point. Earlier it was reported that the “Spektr-RG” will be launched in 2014. Last time the launch was postponed to 25 September 2017.

Earlier it was reported that the Institute for extraterrestrial physics, max Planck (Germany) promised to deliver to Russia x-ray telescope eROSITA in April 2016. Delivery of the telescope has been repeatedly postponed.