The Federation Council will form a part of the delegation to PACE until the end of the month

Совет Федерации сформирует свою часть делегации в ПАСЕ до конца месяца

The Federation Council will approve its part of the delegation to PACE in late December, told RIA Novosti Vice-speaker of the upper house of the Russian Parliament Ilyas Umakhanov.

“To end this session in December, the Federation Council will approve a plan of inter-parliamentary cooperation in 2017. This plan will be formed by all delegations of the Federation Council of inter-parliamentary organizations, and PACE in that number,” he said.

While Umakhanov found it difficult to answer the question whether the Russian delegation’s participation in the January session of PACE, the likelihood of which has not excluded earlier, the speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matviyenko.

“While the ball is on our side, the PACE had to amend regulations that would create the necessary conditions for our return, but until that happens,” — said Vice-speaker of the Federation Council. He recalled that we are talking about the fact that decisions on matters of international cooperation decided on the basis of a majority vote of all members of PACE, not just those present in the hall at the time of voting.

“On this aspect was the understanding from the leaders of the factions of the committees, however, until the appropriate changes to the regulations of the Assembly is not made,” — said Umakhanov.