Gravitational waves and the railgun hit the top of “Yandex” for the year 2016

Гравитационные волны и рельсотрон попали в топ "Яндекса" за 2016 год

Science in the past year the Russians were interested in more than usual – in the top of search queries of “Yandex” in this year were two conference – opening the gravitational wave detector LIGO and testing of a railgun in the suburbs, the press service of “Yandex”.

“We divide up the year in search by several categories such as most popular men, women, movies, sporting events and so on. There is a top Prime different events, things and other phenomena that appeared this year, most took off in search queries. This year, for the first time in two years, he’s hit two scientific events — gravitational waves and rail”, — told RIA “news” in a press-service “Yandex”.

How to explain the “Yandex”, this ranking includes only the current events – when planning, do not count the requests left on a similar subject to the occurrence of an event or phenomenon in the past year or in later periods, as well as “eternal” themes that fall within the search bar every day.

According to the press service, the algorithm that produced the rating, is not considered absolute and the relative number of requests, comparing this year with last.

So on the project page “Theme of the year” on Yandex, you can see exactly what were interested in and excited people in the past year. Repeated from year to year inquiries about the weather, social networks and holidays are not taken into account. In this case, the specialists of “Yandex” and their algorithms analyzed the queries entered into a search engine, from January 1 to November 23 of this year.

Both scientific events ranked in the top-rating Prime Minister, are directly connected with the Russian science.Gravitational waves, the discovery of which the scientists reported on 11 February this year, was found in September 2015, with direct participation of Russian physicists, several of the groups who have worked to improve the sensitivity of LIGO detectors and processing the received results.

The second scientific search query – “railgun” – associated with the testing of electromagnetic gun in July of this year, which took place in Shatura branch, joint Institute for high temperatures RAS with participation of the President of RAS Vladimir Fortov.

According to representatives of RAS, Russian scientists managed to reach speeds of 11 kilometers per second when overclocking the “bullets” inside of their railgun. This speed is sufficient to overcome the Earth’s gravity and enter its orbit, and a little lacking for open space.

In addition, the top memes of the year got another event indirectly related to science. We are talking about discussions around the phrase “to carry out teleportation by 2035” in the “national strategic initiative”, which some media and netizens felt stupid because of a misunderstanding of what we are talking about the quantum, not the “normal” teleportation, impossible in the real world.