In St. Petersburg demanded to dismantle the plaque Kolchak

В Петербурге потребовали демонтировать мемориальную доску Колчаку

The authors claim to the government of St. Petersburg with the requirement to cancel the decision about the installation of the commemorative plaque to the White movement leader Admiral Aleksandr Kolchak for the first time stated a claim for its dismantling, told RIA Novosti one of the plaintiffs lawyer Oleg Barsukov.

Earlier it was reported that in Smolninsky district court of St. Petersburg was filed five lawsuits against the government of St. Petersburg with the requirement to cancel the resolution on the installation of a memorial plaque to Kolchak. All five lawsuits were consolidated into one. During the first hearing on 17 November, the court requested the case files on the rehabilitation of Kolchak and brought in as a stakeholder by the city Committee on culture.

“Today, we first stated the requirement to dismantle this memorial plaque,” said the lawyer badgers.

In addition, according to him, the court decided to request the documents in which they say, based on what outstanding qualities of Kolchak in St. Petersburg it was decided to establish his plaque. According to the lawyer, in accordance with city law, when deciding about the installation of new memorial boards are required to provide a list of documents containing appropriate justification.

Also during the meeting on Thursday, the court brought in as a stakeholder, initiator setup Board — move “White matter”. The next meeting is scheduled for January 24.

Online began collecting signatures under the demand to revoke the permission of the city authorities on the installation of the Board Kolchak. The petition States that “this initiative is a political gesture to justify mass killings in the years of white terror and dictatorial methods of government.”

At present, a monument to Kolchak in Irkutsk, his name returned to the island in the Kara sea, and the Admiral named species of mites Arctoseius koltschaki.

Alexander Vasilyevich Kolchak (1874-1920) — Russian military and political leader, naval commander, scientist-oceanographer, polar Explorer. During the Civil war was one of the leaders of the White movement, held the post of the Supreme commander of the Russian army, and from November 1918 to April 1920, a temporary position of “Supreme ruler of Russia”. On the night of 6 to 7 February 1920 he was executed by order of the Irkutsk military revolutionary Committee.