May hopes for a “smooth and orderly” process Brexit

Мэй надеется на "гладкий и организованный" процесс Brexit

Prime Minister Theresa may wants the Brexit process went as “smoothly and orderly”, writes the Financial Times.

“I have already told people that I would like to see as smooth and organized process”, — quotes the edition of the Prime Minister. Mei acknowledges that the process will be “complex, as I need to settle a lot of questions.”

According to him, the atmosphere of the upcoming EU negotiations could be “tense”, but European leaders “do not want that others followed the example of the United Kingdom and voted to secede (from the EU – ed.)”.

For the UK it is important to re-build relations with 27 countries-EU members, said may.

As reported, the politician also commented on the election results in the United States and his telephone conversation with President-elect Donald trump.

“My first conversation with him was good, I think he values the special relationship,” said Theresa may.