Media: in Russia created a system of submarine navigation, working on GLONASS

СМИ: в России создали систему подводной навигации, работающую на ГЛОНАСС

The Petersburg concern “Oceanpribor” has developed a unique system of navigation and communication “Positioner” which will allow underwater drone to determine the location on the hydroacoustic buoys-beacons and will soon be deployed at the bottom of the Russian Arctic shelf, writes the newspaper “Izvestia” on Thursday.

According to the publication, the system consists of Autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles, sonar buoys with satellite communications “Gonets-D1M” and the GLONASS navigation. As the newspaper has found out, underwater robots patrolling areas to a depth of 8 kilometers, focusing on the bottom hydroacoustic buoys-beacons. It is reported that they contain high-precision coordinates, which, the drone clarifies its position and continues to move, also buoys are used to transmit information to the surface.

“The system is completely ready for deployment. The first area of deployment will be near the bottom of the gas producing offshore platform “Prirazlomnaya”. On the basis of our money is the creation of a global informational network-centric system of underwater monitoring and maintenance area of oil production,” the newspaper quoted the official representative of concern “Oceanpribor” Paul Monkey.

He added that one of the systems for the Arctic the group plans to develop, in the framework of development work “Informative” by order of the Ministry of industry and trade.

According to the newspaper, in the “Positioner” is expected to use several types of buoys: underwater, floating, and even vorarephilia in the ice. Explains that the hardware part of the buoy consists of a radio and sonar parts of the General power supply system, placed in a plastic box.

“At the same time in the radio and sonar equipment includes VHF radio, GLONASS receiver, a set of satellite communication system “Gonets-D1M” and apparatus for underwater communication with robots”, — writes the edition.