Medina called Alisa Freindlich a model of devotional service to the profession

Мединский назвал Алису Фрейндлих образцом преданного служения профессии

The Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky congratulated the actress Alisa Freindlikh on her birthday, noting her femininity, charm and dedication to the profession.

Soviet and Russian actress Alisa Freundlich Thursday celebrates 82nd birthday.

“In his early youth You chose the acting path with his calling in life and since then steadily on it follow. Millions of fans appreciate You for your bright and distinctive talent, for Your love and sincerity towards the audience. Played the role of have long entered the Golden Fund of Russian performing arts, making You a true model of femininity, charm, and devotion and profession,” — says the congratulatory telegram of the Minister of culture.

According to Medina, without Freundlich, “impurity and favorite team,” it is impossible to imagine the repertoire of the Bolshoi drama theatre named Tovstonogov.

People’s artist of USSR Alisa Freundlich graduated from the Leningrad theatre Institute named after Ostrovsky, worked at the Leningrad drama theatre of a name of Komisarjevsky, Lensovet theatre. Since 1983 Freundlich is one of the leading Actresses of the Bolshoi drama theatre named Tovstonogov. She is also known for numerous film roles, including “Office romance”, “Cruel romance”, “Stalker”, “D’artagnan and three Musketeers” and many others.