Pakistan denies negotiations with Saudi Arabia on nuclear weapons

Пакистан опровергает переговоры с Саудовской Аравией по ядерному оружию

The Deputy head of the foreign Ministry of Pakistan tasnim Aslam denied the existence of agreements with Saudi Arabia for the sale of nuclear weapons.

Earlier in mass media there were reports that Saudi Arabia supposedly can acquire Pakistani nuclear weapons.

“No such agreement”, — she said, commenting on the information media.

According to the diplomat, “the majority of such messages come from Delhi”. “We have always opposed the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Even before India conducted nuclear tests in 1974, Pakistan proposed to make South Asia a zone free from nuclear weapons,” said Aslam.

Deputy foreign Minister noted that Pakistan “continues to offer to enter India a strategic restraint regime to prevent incidents and the use of nuclear weapons”.

“We are nuclear States, and to behave more responsibly. Let’s set up a strategic restraint regime. The proposal of Pakistan is still on the table, but India refuses to discuss this topic,” said Aslam.

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