The Union of right holders sued the “daughter” of the Hewlett-Packard 110 million rubles

Союз правообладателей отсудил у "дочки" Hewlett-Packard 110 млн рублей

The arbitration court of Moscow under the claim of the Russian Union of rights holders (RBC), headed by film Director Nikita Mikhalkov has decided to collect from Russian subsidiary of Hewlett-Packard company (HP) more than 110 million rubles, the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the courtroom.

The plaintiff demanded to oblige “daughter” HP to pay the debt for payments for free reproduction of phonograms and audiovisual works for personal purposes, so — called “tax on the blanks” for the period from 26 October 2010 to 30 June 2015. The amount of the claim amounted to more than 103 million rubles of the principal debt, and 7 million rubles per cent. The court of first instance satisfied the claim.

As explained in court the representative of the plaintiff, the defendant imported into the territory of Russia equipment and material carriers, totaling more than 28 billion rubles, while not presented in the CPR data on import of goods worth more than 10 billion rubles. The deduction from this amount of RSP demands to collect with “daughters” HP in the process. Initially the claim was lodged for the recovery of 114 million roubles, but later the CPR said the amount of the claim.

The representative of HP did not recognize the claim. According to him, the plaintiff did not provide evidence of import of the equipment which is subject to taxation of the collection. As stated by the Respondent, the plaintiff in the case file tables it is impossible to separate appliances from the professional. He requested the suit be dismissed.

“Tax on the blanks” is a collection of manufacturers and importers of copying equipment, as well as audio, video and other types of media, are obliged to pay 1% of the value of these products in favor of authors, performers and producers of phonograms. RSP is an accredited organization for the collection and payment of remuneration.

The representative of the RSP Julia Ivanin earlier told RIA Novosti that the RSP and”, ZAO Hewlett-Packard A. O.” in June 2013 signed a contract on payment by the importer cash for the payment of fees. However, according to the source Agency, since the second half of 2014 in the CPR “for the first time saw that coming from ZAO “Hewlett-Packard A. O.” data on the imported equipment was significantly different than the FCS of Russia”.

The American company Hewlett-Packard, working in the field of information technology, manufacturer of computer equipment, printers and network equipment, was founded in 1939 in Palo Alto, California.