A new report by McLaren on doping in Russia: what will the future bring?

A new report by McLaren on doping in Russia: what will the future bring?© AP Photo/ Kerstin Joensson

Presentation the second part of the report of the independent Commission of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA) under the leadership of Richard McLaren will be held on Friday in London. The new part of the investigation «independent persons» should be devoted to the winter Olympic games in Sochi and were at the 2014 Olympics the substitution of samples from Russian athletes as part of doping of the state program of the country.

The first part of the report, McLaren was announced in July, it threatened the participation of Russian athletes in the summer Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro (some of the Russians in the result in Brazil did not get) was the reason for the suspension of the Paralympic games the entire Russian team in full force. In the investigation of the canadian lawyer argued that Russia is at the state level concealed a positive doping test their athletes in almost all major competitions of the past, including at the Olympic Games in Sochi, where the Russian team took first place in the team standings. In the case were allegedly involved in the Ministry of sport, RUSADA and the FSB. The main witness was the former head of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, Grigory Rodchenkov, who said that Sochi was personally involved in the substitution of samples through a hole in the wall of the laboratory with the help disguised as a plumber FSB. In the report the names of the athletes whose samples were positive, is not known, but some of them were published in the New York Times article in may. According to McLaren, more than thirty positive samples in Olympic and Paralympic sports just vanished into thin air.

This time without haste

McClaren himself admitted that the first part of the investigation was chaotic because of the short time the loonie had time to make it to the Olympics in Rio. Besides it was more important for him to prove the existence of the state system, and not to name specific athletes whose positive samples were replaced. For the new investigation, WADA has allocated the McLaren’s $ 1.3 million, and the IOC in Rio have criticized the actions of WADA, eventually moved to the independent person 500 thousand dollars on condition reporting and full cooperation with the commissions of the IOC.

Presentation of the new report was postponed several times – initially said that it will be held in October, but eventually the date was set for 9 December, 14:15 Moscow time – at this point will start the press conference and the report itself will be published on the WADA website.

In preparing the report, McLaren again refused to travel to Russia, considering it futile. However, the expert on his own initiative, met with the head of the National public anti-doping Commission (PLA) Vitaly Smirnov. «We had a long conversation with McLaren, and I denied the accusations of support by the state doping program. It’s not our style. He was very attentive. It so happens that I heard one side and not listened to another. Let’s see what happens in the second part of the report» — said after meeting Smirnov.

The contents is a mystery

That will be a new report, McLaren is still unknown. Leaks to the press at this time did not happen. According to the former head of the all-Russian athletics Federation (vfla) Valentine balahnicheva, the investigation should be a new witness in addition to Rodchenkova. «I think that it could be (Russian scientist Timothy) Sobolewski. He worked closely with Rodchenkova in the anti-doping centre. He left a year before the departure Rodchenkova, and, as far as I know he was texting, maybe he suggested a path of movement from Russia to the United States. I don’t think it was planned — life has planned for them. Sobolevsky turned out to be more far-sighted and went to work, sitting in the lab, which certainly they cooperated. And so he was out all the scandals and suspicions,» said Balakhnichev «R-Sport».

The Russian side, first of all, waiting for concrete evidence, as in the July report them, in fact, was not. Scratches found on the containers of the Sochi samples, according to McLaren, testified about the autopsy, however, how the Commission was never established. Not found the words to the canadian lawyer’s evidence and some foreign officials. «I want to see real evidence. We are unable to say with certainty whether it’s true or not. He (McClaren) should provide evidence and name names. You know all those stories with holes in the wall in Sochi sound for me like a Hollywood script. Is the Russian special services are so stupid that they need to drill a hole in the wall? Yes, stop,» — said the head of the International Federation of ski sports (FIS) and member of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Jean-Franco Kasper.

«After December 9, it will be clear what will happen. There will be another attempt (attack) on the Russian sports, — said the Agency «R-Sport» Vice-Premier of the Russian Federation Vitaly Mutko. Nobody knows what will happen, all sit waiting. The report will be published the week will be quiet. We can do something to protest no, the whole world will be disgrace and then will begin to understand. As the Paralympic athletes — they first suspended, and then six months wrote a treatise on the restoration and what was removed. Wow it was justified. So that nothing, be still».

Sanctions have been extended

A new report by McLaren on doping in Russia: what will the future bring?© 2016 AFP/ Fabrice CoffriniМОК extended sanctions against Russia on Wednesday of the IOC, not waiting for the presentation of a new investigation, decided that «until further notice» to extend the sanctions imposed on Russia in July after the first part of the report of the McLaren. Then, the IOC invited the international Federation of winter sports to suspend the preparation for major competitions on the territory of Russia and start looking for alternative venue. Initially, measures were introduced for the period until the end of this year.

In the framework of the measures taken, the IOC will not arrange or provide support to any sporting events or meetings in Russia. In addition, the IOC encourages all federations of Olympic winter sports «to freeze preparations for major events in Russia», including the world Championships and world Cups, and is actively looking for alternative organizers.

«Each Federation is independent, but that was the call of the IOC to the competition that were not already planned and which would have incurred great damage to the budget. We would like to see it,» — said Wednesday night the representative of the IOC mark Adams.

A new report by McLaren on doping in Russia: what will the future bring?© AFP 2016/ Marc BraibantКуда rolling WADA: key decisions of the Agency in Losynivka none of the international federations announced the cancellation of the competition in Russia said on Thursday the head of the ROC Alexander Zhukov. «Today, all competition in Russia that were scheduled, are held. No (international) snow, the Federation has not taken the decision to cancel the competition,» he said.

In addition to the McLaren investigation against Russia are just two of the IOC – Dennis Oswald, to carry out the verification of the samples of Russians from Sochi, and replaced the guy Canivet Samuel Schmid, who checks the accuracy of the information on state intervention in the Russian anti-doping system.

What will happen?

A new report by McLaren on doping in Russia: what will the future bring?© RIA Novosti. Alex Filippoupolitis in fotobanka warned about preparing new attacks on Russian sportoletti new report by McLaren as its content, it is difficult to predict. Worst case scenario – removal of Russia from the international sports movement, from participation in the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang, but for this investigation the loonie is likely to be, irrefutable evidence of his innocence. Reconsideration of the Sochi doping tests it conducted for a long time, and may be checked samples of all the Russians with Games 2014. On Thursday briefly mentioned and the head of the IOC Thomas Bach in his words, the Commission, Oswald was already aimed at the total check.

«On Wednesday the IOC decision for me the most important was that it noted that when will be announced the results of the investigation of Richard McLaren, will provide an opportunity for all parties to Express their positions on the issue. Decisions will not be made until you speak to all parties», — said Alexander Zhukov.