Australia’s Muslims want to create a Halal alternative «peppa Pig»

Australia’s Muslims want to create a Halal alternative «peppa Pig»© Photo: photo courtesy of Park and Peppa Pig World.

Australian national Council of imams announced the start of fundraising for the creation of TV shows for children that promote Islamic values, which, on the idea of an organization has become a worthy alternative to the very popular animated series about Peppa Pig, the BBC reports.

The new show will be called Barakah Hills. The creators described it as «Halal animated series». For its production, according to the newspaper, plans to collect $ 20 million.

«In the modern era, our children are very actively involved in watching a variety of cartoons on TV, so it is our duty not to prevent you from looking them, and to offer an alternative,» the BBC quoted the head of the Council Subhi al-Saika.

The Imam admitted that he is a fan of «in peppa,» but believes that in the cartoon «apparently, there are promises that turns children into brats». That’s why he wants on television for children were shown the program «everyday life».

«Peppa pig», as reported by the media, is the most popular children’s animated series in the world. It is shown in 180 countries worldwide.