Experts called encouraging signals visit EA trump in Moscow

Experts called encouraging signals visit EA trump in Moscow© RIA Novosti. Anton to Danilovmarat the image Bank

The adviser elected President of the USA of Donald trump during the election campaign Carter Paige on Thursday arrived in Moscow to hold several meetings with businessmen and politicians, the Kremlin and foreign Ministry contacts with him is not planned, but the Russian experts believe that the visit can be considered an encouraging sign.

As stated Paige RIA Novosti, he will stay in Moscow until December 13. «I will meet with influential business and thought leaders,» he said.

Trump won the election 8 Nov. The presidential powers he will take after the inauguration on January 20. Previously, the page said that relations between Moscow and Washington are doomed to failure if the US President-elect trump and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin will not establish a trust relationship.

Past the Kremlin and the foreign Ministry

Press Secretary of the Russian leader, Dmitry Peskov, said that plans for the meeting of employees of the administration of the President page no. He added that he did not know, in what status Paige arrived in Moscow, noting that the Kremlin learned about the visit of Advisor to trump from the media.

The foreign Ministry was also not planned contacts with the adviser to trump.

«As of this morning, there are no plans to hold meetings in the foreign Ministry there,» said Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on international Affairs Leonid Slutsky has not excluded that will meet Paige, the new economic school (NES) is considering the issue of speech in Moscow adviser to trump.

An encouraging signal

Visit Paige in Russia can be called an encouraging sign in view of the fact that Moscow and Washington need to form a new agenda, the Director of the Institute of USA and Canada studies Valery Garbuzov.

«When changing President and there is a transitional period. are preliminary meetings with the leadership or people close to the leadership of the state to determine overlapping interests,» said Garbuzov RIA Novosti, noting that on this visit a little information, and perhaps he will suggest where to start the two sides, when trump takes office.

The expert did not rule out the possibility that Paige will hold talks not only with businessmen but also with representatives of the presidential administration. However, in his words, «such meetings are not advertised in advance and not logged».

«I believe the range of issues not just limited to Syria and fight against terrorism, but Ukraine and Donbass, first of all, this economic cooperation because the two countries need to establish a normal agenda,» concluded Garbuzov.

Deputy Director of the CIS Institute, military expert Vladimir Evseev believes that the visit of the page testifies to the mutual desire to reduce the level of confrontation.

«What now thing before, says he still want to change the overall agenda, to prepare some proposals», — said Evseev during the round table in MIA «Russia today».

Building bridges

Paige will try to «build bridges» for the possible development of cooperation between the two countries in the future as trump before the inauguration to negotiate at a high level, not directly maybe, the President of the Center for strategic communications Dmitry Abzalov.

«Before the inauguration on his part would be very rash to meet, for example, with the leaders of the parties. This is usually not done until after the inauguration. It is believed to be across the outline of the state Department, and it can cause very serious problems with Congress. For example, some new leaders of public opinion — it is possible. I think it will partially intersect with the Ministry of foreign Affairs may, with the contour of Ushakov (the Russian presidential aide Yuri Ushakov – ed.) if it will be interesting,» — said RIA Novosti Abzalov.

He said that it is likely to go on the Federal Executive authorities, Federal policies, but there are conditions.

«Frankly, this is unlikely to be a high level. Because it is a very serious fills trump. He now needs to hold their candidates through Congress. Therefore, I doubt that a) these talks will be public, and b) if they are public that they are high status. Because it is, above all, the most profitable Trump,» — said the expert.

«I believe that the main purpose of the visit is to test the waters, and then continue to act as a mediator. So, the prospects for economic cooperation in different sectors that interest the team. It’s possibilities for political interaction. Maybe some international components. It is unlikely he will pursue some particular task or goal,» he said.