Germany considers the OSCE «one of the few venues» for dialogue with Russia

Germany considers the OSCE «one of the few venues» for dialogue with Russia© Photo: OSCE/Mikhail Evstafiev

The OSCE remains one of the few venues where possible a direct dialogue with Russia, told reporters on the sidelines of the OSCE Ministerial Council, the Commissioner of the German government for German-Russian intersocietal cooperation and Germany’s chairmanship in the OSCE, member of the Bundestag Gernot Erler.

«The OSCE remains one of the few organizations where there is dialogue between the West and Russia. And so we are determined to use it. Negotiations were started yesterday will continue until tomorrow afternoon in the presence of almost 50 Ministers from the 57 member countries of the OSCE. There is hardly a second such platform where this dialogue could take place», — said Erler.

According to the Ombudsman, without OSCE observers in Eastern Ukraine «would be generally known that there occurs».

«We have ensured that this conflict (in Ukraine) is not expanded, fighting less victims less this year, but the breakthrough is still not there, and the next OSCE Chairman, Austria must work for them», — said Erler.

Twenty-third meeting of the Council of foreign Ministers (CFM) of member States of the OSCE, which opens Thursday in Hamburg, will be the last major event in the year of the German chairmanship in this organization. Key topics for discussion will be the issues of European security. In the two-day event is expected to take part the foreign Ministers of 57 States of the OSCE region and delegations from 11 partner countries and several international organizations. For the upcoming session is ready about 20 outcome documents.