In Japan the Android double of the writer Natsume Soseki talked to the audience

In Japan the Android double of the writer Natsume Soseki talked to the audience© AP Photo/ Darko Vojinovic

Humanoid robot – double classic Japanese literature, Natsume Soseki created in Japan, «the writer» talked with the public for the first time after 100 years. It is reported by the University Nicegames.

Natsume Soseki (1867-1916) is one of the founders of modern Japanese literature. His work is well known in Russia. On Russian language translated many of his works – «Your humble servant cat», «Heart», «Boy», «Sansiro», «Then», «Gates», as well as his poetry.

«Friends, long time no see! About 100 years ago, probably,» said the robot is an exact copy of the Japanese classic.

The Android was created for the 100th anniversary of his death (9 December). Worked on it a group of scientists from the University of Niceratus, which can be called the Alma mater of the writer, and the group of Hiroshi Ishiguro is most famous in Japan, the Creator of humanoid robots from Osaka University.

Android in the image of Soseki Natsume was presented to the public well in recognizable form – as he is depicted on the banknote of 1000 yen. To Android as accurately as possible like Natsume Soseki, had used his photographs, and information about height and weight, a death mask, and even the voice of his grandson.

«I am very interested to see how it will change the image of Soseki Natsume after the advent of Android, the impact this will have, especially on children,» — said the «father» of the robot Hiroshi Ishiguro.

Adroid will be used for training purposes, particularly for reading aloud the works of Natsume Soseki children, and to develop verbal abilities and development of dialog speech, this kind of robot.