In tsdum outraged by the Russian shelling of the hospital in Aleppo

In tsdum outraged by the Russian shelling of the hospital in Aleppo© RIA Novosti. Michael Aladdinprince the image Bank

The Presidium of the Central spiritual administration of Muslims of Russia issued a statement in which he expressed outrage that the terrorists of the «Islamic state», «ignoring the canons of Islamic morality», shelled the Russian medical mobile hospital in Aleppo.

As a result of shelling deployed in Aleppo, Syria, Russian mobile military hospital on Monday killed two nurses, Russians, hurt the pediatrician. Affected local residents attending the reception. The defense Ministry regard the incident as a planned murder, responsibility for which bears the so-called moderate opposition and its backers in the West.

«Nothing can justify those who had dealt this cowardly blow to the Russian medical staff, who were locals, trying to help the civilians, the wounded and the sick. We call on all people of good will, the world community strongly condemn the deliberate murder of the Russian military doctors, it is an outrageous crime,» the statement reads.

The Presidium of the tsdum convinced that all the perpetrators and masterminds of the attack should be proportionate responsibility for perpetrated by them anti-human crimes.

The authors of the text also noted the fact that «this heinous crime happened on the background of the upcoming dialogue with leading world powers about resolving the situation in Syria’s Aleppo».