«Mail of Russia» takes changing the rules for admission of unregistered parcels

«Mail of Russia» takes changing the rules for admission of unregistered parcels© RIA Novosti. Eugene to Betemporary the image Bank

«Mail of Russia» transfers from January to the spring of 2017 to change the order of receiving and processing unregistered international mail originating in Russia, said in a statement.

«At the request of foreign postal administrations «Mail of Russia» gives them extra time to prepare for the introduction of change… By a joint decision of the universal postal Union (UPU) and the «Mail of Russia» entry into force of amendments postponed to the spring of 2017, when there will be a meeting of the regular session of the UPU» — according to the postal operator.

Previously, the change was planned to introduce from 1 January 2017. Innovation concerns unregistered small packets, which are used to deliver orders from online stores. Foreign postal operators that are signatories to additional conditions, will be able, if they wish, to send unregistered shipments as before, but the Russian «Mail» raises tariffs on their reception. Those postal operators that do not sign topolove, to send shipments only to the city peace (Yakutia).

Such measures, as noted by the Mail earlier, will improve the level of customer service, will ensure control over the timing of the passage of the mail, will increase the safety of items and will allow to struggle with an opaque flow of mail coming into Russia from Southeast Asia, not directly, but through a number of countries of Europe and CIS.

Now no online shopping, no postal administration nor the customers are not able to track unregistered of departure in their way. It often happens that the shipment is by sea or by road, transit through intermediary countries, which negatively affects the delivery time greatly increases the risk of loss or damage to items noted in the «Mail».

In addition, under the new rules the registered small packets must be predatirovaniya by region delivery to Russia in the country of origin and information about the recipient and the product must be automatically transferred by the mail system.