Mexico makes the food trade more than oil

Mexico makes the food trade more than oil© Administration of the President of Mexico

The income of Mexico from trade produced her food commodities surpass the income derived from the sale of oil, tourism and remittances from Mexicans abroad, said on Thursday the country’s President Enrique peña Nieto.

«Income in foreign currency from the sale of food products is higher than from oil sales, from tourism and from remittances from abroad, in 2016, the manufacturing (food) has reached $ 30 billion,» said peña Nieto at the opening of the food exhibition Alimentaria Mexico Food Show 2016.

According to the President, now Mexico ranks 12th in the world in terms of food production until the end of the current administration in 2018 intends to climb at least one position.

The head of Mexico cited the data on volumes of production and exports. Thus, of the 2 million tons of avocados are produced worldwide annually, on Mexico have 1.4 million tons of «green gold», as they call this fruit. «Only on the day of the final game of American football Super Bowl in the USA consumed 100 thousand tons of avocados at $ 200 million, of which Mexican have 80%,» said peña Nieto.

Also the Mexican President said that the country exports about 400 litres of the national alcoholic beverage of tequila.