More than 60 athletes questioned in the case of an anti-doping scandal

More than 60 athletes questioned in the case of an anti-doping scandal© RIA Novosti. Michael Voskresenskiye the image Bank

The investigators questioned more than 60 athletes in the case of the anti-doping rule violation, in a number of regions searched, said Thursday the acting head of Department on interaction with mass-media SK the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrenko.

«The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation continues investigation of criminal cases on violation of anti-doping rules. Today, as part of these criminal cases in a number of regions searched. To date, interviewed over 60 athletes, including T. Chernova, O. Kaniskina, A. Chicherova, T. Beloborodova and others», — said Petrenko.

In addition, they questioned senior officials of the Ministry of sports of Russia, RUSADA, of wfla, the anti-Doping centre and the Centre of Olympic training of Mordovia in race walking. Additionally the investigators questioned the former Deputy Minister of sports Yuri Nagornykh, the adviser to the Minister of sports on anti-doping issues Natalia Zhelanova and the former senior coach of national teams of Russia on track and field athletics Alexei Melnikov.

The specialists prescribed documentary chemical and analytical forensic examination of the practices recommended by WADA as well as a comprehensive forensic examination for check of arguments of Richard McLaren about the possibility of opening of tubes Berlinger. As previously reported, the company Berlinger requested quality certificates of the tube, as well as information about completed examinations. Continue questioning officials and heads of commercial structures through which Berlinger has supplied its products for anti-Doping center.

«Together with the Russian investigators fulfill the request on legal assistance of the Court of first instance of Paris in a criminal case against officials of the International Association of athletics federations, accused of corruption for concealment of use of doping by athletes. In this regard, in Ufa conducted interviews sportswoman Lilia Shobukhova and her husband is both her coach,» — said Petrenko.

The independent Commission of WADA in November 2015 has accused Russia of numerous anti-doping rule violations, were suspended the Moscow anti-doping laboratory, and also made a decision on the compliance of RUSADA of the WADA code. In July, Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to create a Commission R & d on anti-doping proceedings, which then received the name of the Independent public anti-doping Commission. The head of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Mikhail Degtyarev spoke on Thursday for the arrival in Russia of the Commissioner WADA under the leadership of Richard McLaren and transfer them to the Russian investigative authorities documented data.