On the Moscow stage for the first time will stage a performance of «Mammy» on the play by Witkiewicz

On the Moscow stage for the first time will stage a performance of «Mammy» on the play by Witkiewicz© RIA Novosti. Ruslan krivobokova to the photobank

Theatre «School of dramatic art» produces a new show «Mom» on the eponymous play by Stanislaw Witkiewicz, one of the key figures of the Polish avant-garde of the twentieth century.

A play by Polish writer will first see the spotlight on the Moscow stage. For performances, the theatre has invited the Director Elena Nevezhin, the graduate of GITIS (Pyotr Fomenko workshop). Together with her worked on the performance the artist Dmitry Razumov.

The play was written by Witkiewicz in 1924 — between the two wars, and a complete sense of the collapse of the ideas of humanism. It’s a family drama in the mirror of the grotesque and even humour of metaphysical dimensions. Janina and her son Leon live in a contradictory Union, where it is impossible to distinguish between sacrifice and slavery, vampire bite and kiss, love from vanity. In the history of love mother to son, the degeneration of a once famous family background Obrock metaphorically addresses the issue of finding the spiritual component of life in a moment of cultural crisis of society.

Starring leading actress Lyudmila Drebneva.

Witkiewicz — a writer, artist, philosopher, author of over 30 plays, close the «drama of the absurd». In his writings he spoke of the illogic and strain of modern civilization. Witkiewicz is one of the most translated Polish authors: his texts have been translated into dozens of languages.

Nevezhin put more than 20 performances, collaborated with the Moscow art theatre named after Chekhov, «Satyricon», «Snuff», Mayakovsky Theater, the Novosibirsk theatre «Globus» and others.