Putin discussed with the HRC control of prisons, NGOs-registered as foreign agents and protection of children

Putin discussed with the HRC control of prisons, NGOs-registered as foreign agents and protection of children© RIA Novosti. Alex Nikolskiye the image Bank

More than three hours continued the annual meeting of the Council for human rights (HRC), chaired by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. The focus was on issues such as public control over prisons, the improvement of the law on foreign agents, protection of the rights of children and adolescents, the electoral system and the introduction of the number of independent control institutions.

The head of state gave an opportunity to speak to everyone and commented on each performance and gave a number of instructions.

Public control over prisons

One of the Central themes of the meeting was the observance of prisoners ‘ rights and public control in this sphere. These questions touched upon in their speeches, several of the participants.

So, a former member of the public oversight Commission (POC) of Moscow on public control over ensuring human rights in places of detention and assistance to persons in places of detention, human rights activist Elena masuk complained to the head of state deterioration of public control over the prisoners. According to her, this happened after the Public chamber of the Russian Federation held a change in the composition of the Supervisory Commission.

Masuk told the President that the Public chamber has not included it in the members of the PMC. Previously she was a member of the Commission and recorded numerous complaints from prisoners, but after a set of the new Commission, according to human rights activist, complaints are no longer heard, it is said that the observance of human rights in correctional institutions is no longer tracked. Masuk predicted prison riots if the situation remains the same.

«You’re right, of course we need to make adjustments, think about how to do it. No we do not need riots, but it’s not even the riots, we need the right person there to observe,» — said Putin.

This same problem has affected a member of the HRC, head of the Moscow Helsinki group Lyudmila Alekseeva, who wondered why the Public chamber, which is not a human rights organization, says the members of the PMC for their human rights work. She appealed to the President to instruct the Secretary OP the Russian Federation Alexander Brechalov to meet on this occasion with the first Deputy head of the presidential administration, Sergei Kiriyenko, with the Commissioner for human rights in the Russian Federation Tatiana Moskalkova and head of the HRC Mikhail Fedotov.

The head of state noted he believes it is possible to arrange a meeting with the members of the OP on this issue.

«I can’t members of the Public chamber to give guidance, but ask them. And there will be no problems, we will hold this meeting. Colleagues would discuss among themselves, and I think that will solve the issue of members of the commissions on check of these establishments of imprisonment places», — said Putin.

He stressed that he seeks «to ensure that the members of this Commission were people who are not formally and essentially look at what is happening in the prison system».

In General, commenting on the theme of social control, Putin stressed the need to ensure the state’s response to human rights violations in places of deprivation of liberty.

«Whatever it was, people stumble, are in places of deprivation of liberty, but it is our citizens, and their rights must be ensured,» he said.

During the meeting was raised and the subject of the prohibition of members of the POC record with and visit prisoners. The head of state said he will instruct the Prosecutor General to conduct an audit on the fact that some members of the public monitoring commissions (PMC) when visiting the prisoners did not allow photos, video and audio recordings.

The head of state instructed the special representative of the RF President on the issues of environmental activities, environment and transport Sergei Ivanov to consider the effect of the law on NGOs, including included in the list of foreign agents environmental organizations.

«About foreign agents, NGOs working in the environmental field, Mr Kiriyenko (Sergei Kiriyenko — ed.) already has a request on my part in General, look at this law again. But we go on, of course, let’s Sergey Borisovich (Ivanov – ed.) who has been doing this purposefully, ecology in the sense,» — said Putin.

The head of state noted that the government will extend funding of NPOs, and improve the law on foreign agents. However, he said that in order not to get into the registry of foreign agents, NGOs should not receive money from other countries.

The Institute of independent Prosecutor

During the meeting, the HRC has proposed to introduce in Russia the Institute of independent Prosecutor, appointed by the head of state, this idea was voiced by the head of the Council Mikhail Fedotov.

«The name is very conditional. But such an institution is simply necessary to put an end to those cases in which corporate solidarity or bureaucratic drowsiness hinder the triumph of justice,» he said, noting that «people years wallowing in empty replies, not realizing how you can not see the obvious».

«For them, justice is more important than the formalities. And someone has, in the end, to pull the emergency brake to leapfrog the injustice stopped. Today do that no one» — said Fedotov.

Commenting on this proposal, the President said he was willing to consider it but emphasized that each sphere to enter such institutions is impossible.

«As the Institute of independent Prosecutor, I don’t really understand what it is, how it fit into the overall legal system, still need the additional warranty… so We can create and create in every segment, some additional structures can be quite good. Let’s think. I’m not saying no, but you have to understand what it is», — Putin said.

… and an independent Ombudsperson

With the request for the establishment of an independent body that would serve as objective verification of information on the activities of law enforcement in cases of dispute, appealed to the President of the Russian lawyer, a former judge of the constitutional court Tamara Morshchakova. According to her, many instances of the reference of citizens in law-enforcement system does not end for many years, and the work of such appointed independent commissioners, could cause greater public confidence in the state institutions.

During the meeting, also sounded the theme of protection of the rights of children and adolescents. So, the Executive Secretary of the HRC Yana Lantratova, which is also the all-Russian public organization «Union of volunteers of Russia» in his report said that the organization found numerous violations and problems in this area requiring serious government interagency intervention.

«During our work we have achieved excitation of criminal cases concerning violence against children in 14 regions of Russia. But, going round the agencies, we have uncovered another unique theme that requires an immediate solution. It is a criminal subculture AUE — Prisoner’s life are one,» reported Lantratova.

According to her, the leaders of this structure that are in custody, contact with children and adolescents in social institutions, extorting money and threats, forcing to commit crimes. She stressed that criminal structure has a wide distribution on the Internet through groups in social networks, and its victims are children 11 to 14 years.

Lantratova called the actions of this group «national security issue» that needs to be addressed comprehensively, «in cooperation with all competent security agencies». She asked the President to sign the order about creation of interdepartmental working group, «which, together with representatives of all law enforcement bodies and human rights defenders more closely examine this issue».

Putin discussed with the HRC control of prisons, NGOs-registered as foreign agents and protection of children© RIA Novosti. Sergey Goneeverything in fotobanka has commented on the wearing of headscarves in Saloglu of state promised to support this initiative. «Let’s give your suggestion program. We will work out and we will definitely help you and together with you to work,» the President said.

The electoral system

During the meeting, the HRC also discussed the topic of improving the electoral system. The head of state stated that any violations committed during the elections, the attempts to distort their results should be stopped.

Speaking at the meeting, the member of the HRC, head of the Association «Golos» Liliya Shibanova proposed to consider, in order to remove the influence of the local authorities election Commission. Putin, commenting on this idea, noted that it is possible to think, but in making decisions should be a common sense. He added that there is another way — «to make the local authorities function properly and within the law».

Putin discussed with the HRC control of prisons, NGOs-registered as foreign agents and protection of children© RIA Novosti. Alex Druginderal in photosangelina gave the report of the HRC on the outcome of the observations on vibropitateli Council of the Russian public Institute of electoral law Igor Borisov said that «infringement» in the voting rights associated with the violation of the law, and not with the flawed electoral system. Despite this, he said he was ready with the first Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko responsible for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova, CEC to discuss the further development of the electoral system.

The President in the answer has charged to prepare proposals for the development of the electoral system of Russia, which should be developed with the participation of various agencies, including the Central election Commission.

«Ella Aleksandrovna (Pamfilova, chair of the CEC) prepare proposals, let’s do it,» — said Putin.
Putin discussed with the HRC control of prisons, NGOs-registered as foreign agents and protection of children© RIA Novosti. Sergey Goneeverything in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during a meeting of the Council on civil society development and human rights. 8 Dec 2016