Putin gave the report of the HRC on the outcome of the observation of the elections

Putin gave the report of the HRC on the outcome of the observation of the elections© RIA Novosti. Alex Druginderal the image Bank

The head of the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) Mikhail Fedotov believes that Russian President Vladimir Putin supported all the proposals that were voiced by members of the HRC on Thursday at the meeting.

«We gave the President a report of the monitoring working group according to the results of the observation. The President got acquainted with him… the President was, in my opinion, quite satisfied,» — said Fedotov, following the meeting of the Council on human rights in response to the performance of one of the members of the HRC.

Fedotov recalled that Putin began his speech, noting that he knows about this work and support it.

«Actually, I have to say that today the President has supported us… I expect will be given orders to all the issues that we raised. Be prepared by the President’s instructions, as it happens always after these meetings, and then we will deal with these tasks», — he added.

Putin on Thursday held the annual meeting of the Council for human rights (HRC), on which the members of the Council reported on its work over the past year and discussed plans for 2017, but also raised a number of issues in the spheres of migration policy, prevention of juvenile delinquency, protection of environmental rights of citizens and others.

Before the Council meeting, the President presented national awards for outstanding achievements in the field of charitable and human rights activities. They were established in 2016 and is awarded for the first time.

The winner of the state prize in the field of human rights activities was Elizaveta Glinka, Executive Director of the international public organization «Fair help». State prize in the field of philanthropy awarded the Alexander Tkachenko — the General Director of the nonprofit organization «Children’s hospice».