Russian mission denied reports about the signs in the repair of the Holy Sepulchre

Russian mission denied reports about the signs in the repair of the Holy Sepulchre© AFP 2016/ Thomas Coex

The Russian ecclesiastical mission (RDM) in Jerusalem called «false information stuffing» allegations that the restoration and study of the Holy Sepulchre accompanied by supernatural phenomena.

When renovations to the Edicule, a chapel over the cave where, as Christians believe, was buried and rose again Jesus, the scientists temporarily removed the marble slabs that cover the top carved in the rock ancient burial box.

«Recently in mass media there is a special activity around the issue of restoration of the Edicule of the Holy Sepulchre, held in Jerusalem. In General, the information flow can be seen very bold publication about the alleged former over Jerusalem, the signs trumpeting angels and supernatural phenomena in the sky, which is frankly about stuffing information,» — said the press service of the RDM.

In the publication on the website of the mission, which is the representation of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Holy land, emphasizes that such phenomena did not occur. RDM also objected to the use of the term «opening the Tomb» in relation to the ongoing restoration.

«The term «autopsy the Tomb» creates an involuntary Association with the invasion of some sacred untouchable realm and even with desecration. And if in other cases this may be true in relation to the tombs, preserving the human remains, in any way cannot be extrapolated to the burial box of Christ. There is simply no tomb in the usual sense, as a place that contains human ashes. The tomb of Christ is empty – Christ is risen, «there is here, behold the place inhabited by pologise Him» (MK. 16, 6). Thus, we are not talking about «opening of the Holy Sepulchre», and on the temporary removal from a burial bed of Christ marble slabs, protecting it from vandalism,» — said the press service of the mission.

Earlier it was reported that Edicule — the chapel over the Grave of the Lord will be restored for the first time since its construction in 1810. It is here, above the tomb of Christ Holy fire lights up. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Resurrection) in Jerusalem was built in the IV century and since then rebuilt several times.

According to the gospel, after Christ died on the cross on mount Calvary, his body was put into one of the rooms carved into the mountain caves, destined for burial. It on the third day according to the Scriptures, was the resurrection of Christ.