Scientists have processed the data of the spectrometer to the orbital module of the ExoMars mission

Scientists have processed the data of the spectrometer to the orbital module of the ExoMars mission© Photos: ESA

Scientists of the space research Institute (IKI) RAS completed the data processing of one of the spectrometers NIR (NIR from Near-Infrared) Russian complex of ACS that is installed on the Orbiter mission ExoMars, told reporters Thursday in a press-service of Roscosmos.

«Scientists IKI has completed the data processing of the spectrometer NIR, which were obtained during the first test inclusions of scientific instruments on Board the spacecraft TGO mission «ExoMars-2016», — stated in the message.

It is noted that these spectrometer NIR proved to be valuable from a scientific point of view. It is possible in detail to study the lines in the spectrum of the Sun in the region of 1.38 micrometer, first recorded with such high resolution out of Earth’s atmosphere. It is expected that in the future the work of the Russian device will focus on monitoring water vapour and luminescence of oxygen in the atmosphere.

Earlier it was reported that the calibration of all three spectrometers of the complex ACS (research, TILLIM and the WORLD) was held at the first switching devices in November 2016.

ECOMAG («ExoMars») — the first in the history of cooperation between the European Union and Russia, the project to search for life on Mars. The launch of the project began with the launch of the carrier rocket «proton-M» with the upper stage «breeze-M» March 14, 2016 from Baikonur, when the ligament apparatus of TGO-«Schiaparelli» was displayed on the trajectory of the flight to Mars. The main objective of the Orbiter Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) to search for evidence of methane in the planet’s atmosphere, which could confirm the presence of life or activity in the present or the past of Mars. The purpose of the lander «Schiaparelli» — to test key technologies for the second expedition ExoMars, scheduled for 2020.

After the separation apparatuses 16 Oct 2016 TGO was successfully launched into an elliptical orbit, while the lander module «Schiaparelli» could not normally reach the surface of Mars. Communication with him was lost for about 50 seconds before the estimated time of landing. By assumption, ESA representatives, the apparatus earlier than planned, opened the brake parachute, and its braking engines worked much less calculation time. The ESA later confirmed that the machine crashed while landing.