Sun Britain has completed hearings on Brexit, the verdict is expected in January

Sun Britain has completed hearings on Brexit, the verdict is expected in January© RIA Novosti. Igor Megaliterature the image Bank

The UK Supreme court completed a four-day hearing procedure Brexit, after reviewing the opinion of the British government, opponents, and also representatives of Scotland and Wales. Closing hearing on Thursday, Supreme court Chairman Lord David Noyberger promised not to delay making a decision on the case and submit it as soon as possible.

The case was unprecedented for British justice and history in the hearing was attended by all 11 judges of the Supreme court.

The essence of the question addressed by the court, — the right of the British government to start the procedure for exit from the EU without a vote of Parliament, many of whose members openly had previously preferred to stay in the EU. Also concerns of the parliamentary opposition related to the fact that the negotiating position of the British government will be excessively hard, in the future will have a negative impact on the progress of negotiations and the political-economic situation of the country.

The high court in London in November, in response to the claim of businesswoman Gina Miller against the government, decided that the authorities can begin the procedure Brexit only after the corresponding decision of Parliament. The Cabinet of Ministers filed an appeal against this judgment, on the grounds that he has a so-called «Royal prerogative» and this decision undermines the foundations of the British Constitution.

The Supreme court, after hearing arguments of the parties and leaving the verdict, emphasized that we are not talking about cancellation of results of the referendum on the UK exit from the EU. The main issue is «with the process, the result of which can be legally put into effect,» said Noyberger. The court’s decision, expected to be announced in January.

Parliamentary debates

Another significant event of the week was the debate in the house of Commons of the British Parliament, regarding the program to exit the EU. MPs supported the proposal of the labour party, the authorities uncovered his plan before the start of the procedure, which Prime Minister Theresa may is going to start on 31 March 2017. Although the conservative government believes that the disclosure of the plan would weaken the position of Britain in the negotiation process.

Although the result of this vote is non-binding, it is an indication that the government managed to achieve at least a temporary compromise with the parliamentarians, unhappy with his silence about plans for talks on Brexit. The Cabinet was forced to compromise after it became known that about 40 parliamentarians are conservatives going to join the opposition parties to protest against the government’s unwillingness to disclose any details of their plans for a Brexit.

The question of how detailed will the presentation of the government plans is still open and will continue to be a source of tension between the Cabinet and the Parliament.

The protests of activists

During the four days of hearings on the appeal of the government at the Supreme court building was a gathering activists as supporting Brexit, and advocating for the EU membership.

To address some of the participants of the hearings received threats and insults. In particular, the address of the initiator of the lawsuit Gina Miller, embarked on the process of «star» of the local press, there have been insults of a racist nature, and threats of physical violence, so hearing she was arrived, accompanied by guards. Commenting on the results of the hearing Sky News, she said she could not answer, what would be the decision of the court, as the case is «too extraordinary».