The state award for philanthropy was awarded to Archpriest Alexander Tkachenko

The state award for philanthropy was awarded to Archpriest Alexander Tkachenko© RIA Novosti. Alex Nikolskiye the image Bank

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented in the Kremlin state awards for outstanding achievements in the field of charitable and human rights activities.

These awards were established in 2016 and is awarded for the first time.

National awards received the Executive Director of the International public organization «Fair help» Elizabeth Glinka (Dr. Lisa) and the General Director of the Autonomous nonprofit organization «Children’s hospice», the Dean of the Cathedral and four churches Alexander Tkachenko.

Elizaveta Glinka in September 2016 went to Syria, where he visited a hospital tishrin in Latakia, after which human rights activists have publicly raised the issue of the need to achieve a ban on sanctions for medicines. Candidate Glinka submitted for the award of the all-Russian public organization «Russian red cross».

Father Alexander Tkachenko took part in the opening of children’s hospices in Pavlovsk and Domodedovo airports, as well as a rehabilitation centre for non-resident children in the village of Olgino (Saint Petersburg). In 2010, the opening of the first Russian state institutions, denying palliative care to children — St. Petersburg state institution of health care «Hospice (Children)». He joined the leadership of the hospice.

Addressing the ceremony participants, the President noted that the special nature of the prize, because the winners dedicate their lives to serving others and not looking for awards and honors.

The head of state said that the Commission award was considered a large list of candidates nominated by public organizations.

Putin drew attention that the winners became Executive Director of the organization «Fair help» Elizabeth Glinka and the priest, father Alexander (Tkachenko).

«Alexander’s father takes care of children’s hospices is investing in this work and their strength, life itself, his faith to help seriously ill children. I hope that his initiatives will join governments, civil society, representatives of religious organizations in all regions of our country», — said Putin.

The President underlined that this award has the same status as the state prize of Russia in science and culture.

He expressed appreciation to the winners of «for selfless service to others, tireless work, and generosity».