And laughter, and sin. The most ridiculous news of 2016

And laughter, and sin. The most ridiculous news of 2016© Fotolia/ studiostoks

Edition remember the funny and ridiculous story of 2016.

The secrets of intelligence

This story is about the hard work of scout. Two residents in Zabaykalsky Krai tried to sell CIA secrets to the fictional, in particular, the deployment of military units in the region. One man invented the facts, and the other wrote letters to the office. So, they offered the Americans to buy their details about sending trains to Ukraine and the deployment of missiles aimed at the United States.

The CIA wrote a potential «informants» the letter, but the money is not sent. When a grief-the crooks are caught, the FSB issued only a warning.

There are women in Russian villages

Women in Russia are strong, brave and determined – and in burning log hut to enter, and a galloping horse to stop, I wrote a classic. For example, a resident of the Perm region, though anyone is not saved, but the strength and endurance demonstrated. Pensioner kicked in the door of the office in the Department of bailiffs, angry that she can’t accept during your lunch break. However, when the police arrived, the woman chose to «forget» his real name and quickly calmed down. It turned out that she came to know why within a week she received no reply to the left of the statement. When the officers said that by law, she must answer within a month, she was gone.

And here the inhabitant of Pervouralsk was a real champion of morality. The city hosted an event dedicated to the world day of fight against AIDS, and a young man dressed as a sperm handing out leaflets and condoms. The woman accused him of corrupting the youth and attacked him with the bag. The young man was forced to retire.

It happens that people themselves use animals for criminal purposes. So did the inhabitants of Voronezh, when going to Rob a Bank. The raiders scored in the entire dead crow to scare and distract the employees of the Bank, and then burst into the room.

Policy at the highest level

Not all cats are willing to settle for an unremarkable life. Some want to do serious business. For example, the cat Barsik from Barnaul has become a politician and plans to run for Russia’s presidency in 2018. Now he is preparing the mission statement and developing a campaign strategy. «Political career» Barsik began with the election of the city Manager Barnaul — then he unanimously defeated on the results of the «folk» of Internet voting. However, the party «United Russia» the cat does not have – he did not meet the necessary requirements.

Eventually he had surgery to remove hemorrhoids. After it, the patient demanded an explanation from the medical establishment. The administration recognized that the man was operated on by mistake, and promised to pay compensation. The hospital’s attorney said that the man himself is partly to blame, because he’s an adult and can answer for their actions.