At Tehran airport caught fire on a passenger plane

At Tehran airport caught fire on a passenger plane© RIA Novosti. Alexander Kryazhev

A passenger plane caught fire during landing at Tehran airport on Saturday, reports news Agency IRNA.

According to the Agency, approximately 19 hours local time (about 18.30 GMT) a passenger plane for unknown reasons caught fire. One eyewitness reported that he saw a lot of smoke, raised it over Mehrabad airport. As reported by portal Airlive, the plane caught fire after emergency landing.

BREAKING A Taban Air Boeing reportedly on fire after crash landing in Mehrabad airport, Iran — @GhorbaniSadegh

— (@airlivenet) December 31, 2016.

Also the fire Department has informed the Agency that received the call approximately 18.50 local time and sent three fire crews to the scene.

«After the arrival of firemen at the airport to Mehrabad airport management said that the issue is resolved, and the need for firefighters is not» — said the Agency representative of the fire services of Tehran, Sayyid Jalal Maleki.