Bozena of Rynska called 86% of Russians «mean people»

Bozena of Rynska called 86% of Russians «mean people»© RIA Novosti. Cyril Kallinikova the image Bank

Secular browser Bozena of Rynska explained what prompted her to write a sensational post in Facebook about the deaths of journalists in the crash of Tu-154, and called 86% of Russian citizens «, by definition, trashy people.» Such a statement she made in an interview with «Open Russia».

According to Rynska, she «felt jubilation» after learning of the tragedy. «I have experienced the triumph, poured out his emotions,» she said. The journalist added that rejoice in the death of the enemy — it was her «constitutional right».

«I love the best part of this nation. I feel quite adequately with 14% of citizens of Russia. The rest of the people everywhere by definition is cheesy,» — said Rynska.

After the collapse of Rynska posted in his Facebook comment, in which he gloated over the deaths of the film crew NTV. Then on the website there was a petition with a demand to deprive her Russian citizenship. Currently, under the initiative was signed by more than 170 thousand people.

In 2014, between obozrevatelya and NTV journalists had a conflict. Rynska beat reporter of the TV channel who tried to interview her. The court sentenced her to a year of correctional labor.