Chukotka has restored power supply, disrupted by hurricane wind

Chukotka has restored power supply, disrupted by hurricane wind© Fotolia/ sean824

Electricity supply disrupted by hurricane wind in a number of settlements in Chukotka, restored, according to the government of the region.

Eastern Chukotka suffered as a result of the powerful cyclone that brought heavy rainfall and strong winds, sometimes reaching 54 m/s was damaged, Windows of houses and the helicopter blades at the airport, collapsed crane at the port.

«At the moment in all localities of restored electricity. These problems, telephone and television is also already fixed in all the cities and villages, in addition to Egvekinot. Here there is a break of the lines. We plan to complete this work before the end of the day,» – said the first Deputy Governor of Chukotka Autonomous region Leonid Nikolayev.

According to the Governor of Chukotka Roman Kopin, need to do everything to the people of Chukotka were able to celebrate the New year in comfort conditions: warm with light and water, with the ability to call family and friends, to see greetings and holiday programs on TV.

«Also, the Roman Kopin said that in connection with the adverse forecast for the holiday weekend in all municipalities should be carried out preventive measures to reduce risks. You first need to test backup power supplies, to spend with the residents and leaders of organizations of the preventive conversations, to provide information to citizens in emergency or disaster situations», according to the government AO.

Due to the bad weather back in Chukotka or fly beyond it are unable more than 150 people. Today it is planned to perform three flights, including from Moscow to Anadyr – Moscow and Khabarovsk – Anadyr – Khabarovsk. Also will be assistance through the anadyrskiy Liman. In addition, January 2, will be performed a flight to the village of Lawrence, which currently can not take the helicopter due to weather conditions.