Film critic called it is the expected failure of the film «Ben-Hur»

Film critic called it is the expected failure of the film «Ben-Hur»© Photo courtesy of the company «Central partnership»

The failure to hire a Hollywood movie Timur Bekmambetov’s «Ben-Hur» was quite expected, says film critic Kirill Razlogov.

Epic Hollywood movie «Ben-Hur» Timur Bekmambetov topped the list of the most expensive failures in the movie 2016. The rating, which was the publication the Hollywood Reporter, includes films of famous Directors such as Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis. The budget of «Ben-Hur» about 110 million plus marketing costs. In world hire the film has collected 94,1 million dollars, recouped 43% of the costs.

«Nothing here to expect, and shouldn’t, it’s like «Irony of fate» — debunking the myths to good arguments. «Ben-Hur» William Whaler, 1959 (11 «Oscars» — ed.) is the standard biblical version of the story, the world this film is well known. But he was not shown in theaters in the USSR, so for our audience the option Bekmambetov may have some meaning, and I would not say that in Russia, he failed,» — told RIA Novosti the film critic Kirill Razlogov.

According to razlogova on the spot Bekmambetov, he would not be taken for «a paraphrase of the great paintings, but would do the small grossing films that are so well able to do by the Director.»

The critic said that in the financial calculations you need to keep in mind that the budgets of films are overestimated and income underestimated. «The bigger the budget, the more advertising, and revenues are underestimated, to pay less taxes,» added Razlogov.

Previously, Bekmambetov said in an interview with RIA Novosti that «Ben-Hur» failed at the box office, because the basic idea of the film – the forgiveness in the world are not popular.

«It is a question of rent, for if he came as he went. The picture is unusual in fact, it’s a Hollywood movie in which the main message is to forgive your enemy. As it turned out, this idea today, few people are able to understand and accept. The idea of revenge is much more popular in our world, in many ways, the results of the rental, in my opinion, associated with this,» — said Bekmambetov.