Five residents of Chita were found guilty of production of surrogate alcohol

Five residents of Chita were found guilty of production of surrogate alcohol© RIA Novosti. Yakov Andreev

Five residents of Chita, selling diluted industrial alcohol under the guise of vodka, recognized by the court guilty of organizing the clandestine manufacture of alcoholic beverages, reported on the website of the Investigative Committee of Russia.

«The verdict Elchin Sadigov was sentenced to 3 years’ imprisonment with a fine in the amount of 40 thousand rubles, Eunice Sadigov — 2.1 years of imprisonment. Shurmanov and Tokarev 2,1 sentenced to year of imprisonment with a fine in the amount of 10 thousand rubles each, Borisova to 2 years of imprisonment», — is spoken in the message.

As established a consequence and court, Elchin Sadigov in 2015-2016 implemented in Chita industrial alcohol under the guise of drinking. In addition, he forged vodka pouring in bottles of diluted industrial alcohol. At the conclusion of the study, alcohol-containing liquid were found to be hazardous to life and health. Sadigov bought in Omsk alcohol-containing liquid «Antiseptin-Marat», which was implemented in Chita. In an average month he under the guise of drinking alcohol implemented to tons of industrial alcohol.

It is noted that since December 2015 Sadigov organized the clandestine production of counterfeit vodka, which is manufactured from the same industrial alcohol, diluting it with water. To illegal turnover of alcohol, he drew his nephew Eunice Sadigov, as well as Sarmanova, Tokarev and Borisov, who were engaged in the manufacture of vodka and its implementation. Thus Sadigov sold more than five thousand bottles of counterfeit vodka.

«Criminal case initiated on the materials of expeditious development of staff of management of economic safety and counteraction of corruption regional UMVD. After the criminal case in April 2016 Sadigov was detained», — is spoken in the message of investigatory Committee of Russia.

In addition, it is specified that in the course of searches Sadigov seized more than four tons of alcohol-containing liquid, the equipment for production of counterfeit vodka.