«He always walked barefoot»: the year with the glorification of Ryazan the Holy fool in Kiev

«He always walked barefoot»: the year with the glorification of Ryazan the Holy fool in Kiev© RIA Novosti. Alex Codiscovered the image Bank

In Kiev, the Tithes monastery of Nativity of the virgin, now every year on December 29 held celebrations in honor of blessed John Bosa (Rastorguev) (+1849), the famous last year in the face of the locally venerated saints of the Kyiv diocese. The decision of the canonization was made by the Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and the materials about the life and exploits of the Barefoot monks collected tithes monastery, a parishioner who was this fool-for-Christ.

As told RIA Novosti the Governor of the tithes of the Nativity of the Mother of God monastery of Kiev, Archimandrite Gedeon (Kharon), at the monastery knew almost nothing about blessed John Bare, who lived 200 years ago, until he reminded himself appeared personally to the Governor-General in celebration of the Praise of the Mother of God.

«Early in the morning I had a vision — says Archimandrite Gideon — I go to Church and look: is about panichenko table the old man with bare feet, and a lot of people near him. I someone asks: who’s standing there? And I said, «And this is Ivan, Ivan the Barefoot, came to visit us to pray.» What he said to me: «No, father, I’m always here, I always here are».

The description of Archimandrite Gideon, the ascetic was «rather tall, aged about 50 years, dressed in a long simple shirt, on the neck under clothes, were visible in the chain.» It is an unusual event and was the impetus for the glorification: the monastery was begun serious study of the life of John BOS. Compiling his biographies started archdeacon Anthony (Koval) and the nun Elena (Logs).

«We raised a lot of materials, it became clear that a lot of miracles was during his lifetime, he predicted the future, healed, and went always barefoot — like fool, they all have similar lives», — said the Deputy of a monastery.

…The future blessed was born in the Ryazan province in the family of a tradesman on August 29 (September 11) in 1800, on the day of the beheading of John the Baptist. When he left his house, traveled to monasteries and hermitages. Pretended to be illiterate, and after his death was discovered the literature that night he prayed to God, and a notebook in which he entered the names of the donors. Barefoot lived less than 50 years.

At 40 years of age, Ivan had ceased to wander, finding refuge in Kiev. According to the biography, the house sheltered him from Kiev, parishioner of the Church of the tithes, he dug himself a cave. The rector and the Confessor, the ascetic, Archpriest Peter Koronowski first seen Barefoot when he, according to his testimony, came to evening service «barefooted, without a hat and coat, and stood with reverence on their knees all night service».

As he remarked later, John was «not that whacky, and the ascetic of Christ in the proper sense of the word: loving God above all and neighbor as yourself».

Then began the social service of the blessed: he settled in the premises of the Kiev-Andrew’s Church, where the money of wealthy people organized a shelter for the afflicted, the poor and the homeless. In need could obtain clothing and shoes, ill — treatment, Wanderers — money back. Barefoot took and fed daily to 200 people, on which they spend all the donations and alms. According to witnesses, during the funeral of John Barefoot «for his body were thousands of inhabitants of Kiev of different classes».

Archimandrite Gedeon says that the ascetic «also on the stone standing in prayer, is such a parallel with Seraphim of Sarov». With this stone he was buried on Sakavickas cemetery. «We found the Holy stone — a big «rock» is such a monolith, took him solemnly, and now he is in the temple,» — said the Governor.

Speaking about John Barefoot, or rather, about his worship after death, the initiator of the worship of the Holy fool is implementing another parallel with the blessed Matrona of Moscow. «It turns out that even now there are people who still remember their grandparents as they went to his grave and took with it the ground all the time. As the mother Matron: the land of KAMAZ deliver, and she goes, because people take it and are healed. Same here… Old people remember, and today even come to the cemetery, put flowers,» says the Archimandrite.

According to him, it is the people’s worship and many testimonies of the help of Barefoot those who to him prayer is addressed, was one of the grounds for his canonization. After prayers before the icon and stone, John Bare, and before the wonderworking icon of the Mother of God «the tithe», which is located in the centre of the Church, many miracles happening.

«First we wrote them, but now have even stopped. Every day something happens, from little things to some, someone, something lost is found, to miracles related to the healing from cancer… As the Lord says: «according to your faith let it be»».

For all time the Russian Church has canonized about 40 fools, with this kind of flourishing this special service of God falls on the XV-XVI century, when lived 25 revered Russian blessed. And although Russia has always been a lot foolish, but the glorified one was a very small part, according to the word of St. Seraphim of Sarov: «of the thousands of fools is only one fool-for-Christ».

«…It’s been so long, and now there was a canonization of John Barefoot. I think it is deeply symbolic. As he said of himself: «Ryazan bast,» and was canonized in Kiev, as a great Saint pleasing unto God. That makes sense…» — said father-vicar.

Archpriest Andrei Tkachev, Orthodox publicist and missionary:

— Fools (the Church. «silly, mad») literally fulfill the highest commandment of the Apostle Paul, which is not to everyone under force, namely: «who wants to be wise, let him be mad in this age» (1 Cor 3, 18). And yet Paul says that «we have the mind of Christ». God’s wisdom is seen as foolishness to the wise of this age, and this opposition the wisdom of God and the wisdom of this world the Apostle Paul, new Testament doctrine, found very vivid expression.

Many articles of the Christian faith is insane logic of this world. This also applies to chastity, and sacrifice, and many other provisions, without which faith is transformed into something dead. Therefore, in some sense, a fool is every Christian. When one finds, for example, a wallet, and says, «Hey, who lost the purse?», he is insane from the point of view of Srebrenica, who quietly put it in his pocket…

Well, fools in the sense in which we speak of them as Basil the Blessed, John Barefoot and others, is a guard of Holy Church, that guards the Lord Jesus Christ, these people are so full of grace, to preserve her secret and for reasonable use of it, they need to give up everything — not only some of the pleasures and glory, and any benefits and amenities, and even the signs of a reasonable person.

Foolishness is a voluntary acceptance of the crazy and disgusting for that behind the mask of madness supposedly convenient to serve God and not to be damaged by vanity, not to collect the praise from people like, for example, may gather out the righteous priest or a Holy Bishop, which may be surrounded by respect. Whacky is not surrounded by no honor – he serves God daily, hourly, he destroys not only evil in its manifestations, but in its invisible embryo, destroying the embryo of sin doth confound all the vanity and pride.

These people have always been in Russia. They now have these Wanderers of God, beholding to none righteous, committed by the secret service of God by prayer. The very image of the Holy fool helps to live. Because all that seems to us to be unbearable, they endured and endured even more, what are we even afraid to think… But look for it specifically is not necessary. They are in order and become Holy fools, to no one found.