In a network there was video of children falling from escalator in Stavropol

Published on the Internet with footage of children falling from escalator in a shopping centre in Stavropol.

The record shows, as one of the first students off the escalator safely and line up in front of him. But at some point, several children fall and cannot get up. Riding behind them have nowhere to go, and they pressed lying.

The incident occurred on the eve of the Stavropol shopping center «European», where the children went to the cinema. According to media reports, the hair, the three girls got sucked into the escalator. The teacher was behind the group. Arrived at the scene the ambulance and took the injured to the hospital, according to local portal

According to the «Stavropol Pravda», the hospital got five people with injuries of varying severity.

Now investigators are checking and find out the causes of the incident. A criminal case under article «negligence».