In a residential building in the city center burns flat

In a residential building in the city center burns flat© RIA Novosti

More than 100 people extinguish a fire in an apartment in a residential building in the centre of Saint Petersburg, reported on the website of the regional Department of EMERCOM of Russia.

At the moment the fire is localized.

«Thirty-first of December at 19.23 on the phone «01» received a message about a fire at: Central district, University street, building 28… At 19.30 arrival of the first fire division. In 19.37 rank of fire increased… 20.26 localized», — stated in the message.

It is noted that the fire occurred in a five-storey residential building on the fourth floor, in the apartment. The fire area is 50 square meters. Evacuated eight people.

«Information about victims at the moment didn’t arrive. Into place should the lab PRL. To eliminate the fire attracted from rers: 102 personnel and 23 units of equipment, including from EMERCOM: 78 personnel and 15 units of equipment», — stated in the message.