In China, 16 people were convicted for illegal organ trade

In China, 16 people were convicted for illegal organ trade© Fotolia/ Fotokon

A court in China’s Shandong province has sentenced a group of 16 people, including medical officers, to prison terms of up to five years for trafficking in human organs, reports on Saturday, the Xinhua news Agency.

According to the court of Jinan city, a group of individuals with Nov 2014 searched through the Internet in China willing to sell their kidneys, then they did the necessary tests.

After completing all procedures, physicians in the group carried out an illegal operation on withdrawal of bodies in the city of Feicheng, that paid to donors is about 40 thousand yuan. The patients for whom they were looking buds, they called the price from 400 to 600 thousand yuan (about 86 thousand US dollars).

The court sentenced 16 people, including two surgeons, one anaesthetist, nurse and physician assistant, for up to five years of imprisonment for organization of illegal sale of human organs. They also will be required to pay a fine in the amount from 10 to 40 thousand yuan.